Aircraft must be built to the plan form (outline) of the original design.

Airfoils, stab placement, control surfaces can be modified.

Size may be modified. This is to say that scaling is permitted.

The pilot does not have to be the builder of the model.

Original plan materials or construction techniques need not be used.

Any covering material may be used.

Any engine can be used as long as the displacement does not exceed .91 cubic inches (15cc) for a two-stroke engine or 1.20 cubic inches (20cc) for a four-stroke engine.

Electric motors may be used with a maximum 900 watts.

Landing gear design can be modified.

Any radio allowed by the AMA/FCC is legal for use.

NOTE: All pilots should affix the plane’s name and design year to the plane so that is easily visible and readable. A minimum of ½ inch graphics should be used. This is requested to provide vital information about the plane for judging and general member interest.