Any airplane that was designed for radio control and was kitted, published or flown (attested to by the builder) and meets the following classifications is eligible:

     There are three classifications;     

     PIONEER - prior to January 1, 1955 

     CLASSIC - prior to January 1, 1965 

     NOSTALGIA - thirty-five years before January 1 of the current year.

     Exception: Planes entered in Concours, Pattern or Scale competition must be designed prior to January 1,1976.

See VRCS web site at for list and procedure for additions. 



The practice of building and flying vintage radio control (RC) aircraft is intended to be casual, enjoyable and
interesting for everyone involved, with no desire to advance aeromodeling’s state-of-the-art or rewrite what has been
recorded in aeromodeling history. The intent of these guidelines is to define the requirements for airplanes flown at
Vintage RC Society events, and to provide consistency in these events.


These official guidelines shall apply to all models flown at Vintage RC Society events, with their emphasis on
maintaining the primary objectives of the group. These primary objectives are to preserve and promote the memory
of radio control aeromodeling activity as it was in the past.

Pilots are responsible for furnishing documentation for any model not on the “VRCS Approved Airplanes List” as
published on the website (

It is suggested that all pilots affix the plane’s name and design year to the plane so it is easily visible and readable. A
minimum of 1/2 inch graphics should be used. This suggestion is to provide vital information about the plane for
judging and general member and spectator interest.

VRCS Recognizes Four Flight Categories:


The Open category applies to all flying at Vintage RC Society events that does not fall into the specific categories of
Concours, Pattern or Scale. Note that free flight and control line designs that have been modified for radio control
operation are permitted to participate in this category, and only in this category.

Concours d’Elegance:

This premier category is for those models that best represent the spirit of imagination, experimentation and
craftsmanship that characterized the early days of radio control aeromodeling. Airplanes must have been designed
for radio control. Any airplane that has been awarded First Place in Concours competition shall be retired from
future competition in the same host’s VRCS event.


This category is for airplanes flown in Aerobatics, Precision Aerobatics or “Pattern” competition. Airplanes must
have been designed for radio control. 


This category is for airplanes that are exact or near-exact facsimiles of full-size aircraft. Airplanes must have been
designed for radio control.