Items for Sale by VRCS Members


On this page we will list items for sale submitted by members. If you have items you would like to part with then please send an eMail to our webmaster and we will get it posted for you. The listing will remain online for approximately 30 days and then be removed unless you advise that it needs to be remain online longer.

2017-July Items for sale by  Bruce Jennings

Vintage Kraft 5 channel transmitters upgraded for 2.4 gHz for sale.

Do you remember when radio control systems were made in the USA?  When the transmitter was in a well balanced metal case?

I have one bicentenial 1976 dual stick transmitter and two (series 78 snd series 79) single stick units skillfully restored and upgraded with FrSky ACCST technology  transmitter RF decks and matching full range  receivers. 

  • Other notable features include:
    Fully checked out 5 channel Kraft transmitter encoder
  • New transmitter battery
  • Personally test flown to ensure solid performance. 
  • Includes a matching full range  receiver bound to the transmitter. 
  • Includes charge adapter so the transmitter can be charged from a wall-wart. 
  • Recapture the thrill of flying an iconic US made radio. 
Dual stick with receiver and charge adapter - $280
Single stick with receiver and charge adapter - $290


The following listing are items from Frank Gruswitz - best way to contact him is 314.781.7409 (this will end 8/30/16)