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Model Photo File Kit Or Plans Wingspan Engine Controls Covering Paint Member Notes
   Contender -2018    Kit  53  Fox Hawk .60  AERT & Flap  Skyloft  Dope  Built from a Top Flite Gold Edition kit in 2007 or 2008. It became a tail dragger after a bit of a mishap about 2 years after it was originally built. This Contender has been flown with numerous different .60 size engines throughout the years. A Fox Haw 
   Astro Hog -2017    Kit  71  OS 55  Futba  Monocote    This seasoned veteran has danced through many clouds. 
   Contender -2018    Plans  54  Webra 61  AERT  Super Monocote    Built from this site's original Top Flite plans that were downloaded last month. 
   Contender -2018    Kit  53.3  O.S. 61FX  AERTFlap  Monokote    Since I first saw a fellow club member fly his Contender in 1973 when I was only 13 years old, I knew I had to have one. Since Dave Platt's Contender is this year's VRCS Theme Plane, I finally built one. LOVE IT! 
   Astro Hog -2017    Kit  72  K&B Torpedo .45  AERT  silk  dope  Built from Berkeley kit.Flown with Orbit eight channel reed radio.  
   Astro Hog -2017    Kit  71  OS .65LA  AERT  Monokote    Not my plane! Member to remain anonymous. 

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