(Revised April 2015)

1. Name - The name of this organization is the Vintage Radio Control Society; also known as the VRCS.

2. Objective - The VRCS is intended to preserve and promote the memory of Radio Control Aero-modeling activity as it was in the past.

3. Membership - Individuals who desire to maintain the objective of the VRCS will be granted membership upon payment of the annual dues (based on the current calendar year, January through December), the amount of which is set by the current VRCS Officers. Exceptions:

            (1) Life Members; those who have been selected to the VRCS Hall of Fame need not pay the annual dues, and they are considered free members during their lifetime.

            (2) VRCS Officers and Executive Council; during their current term of office.


            Note: VRCS members who fly model aircraft at VRCS sanctioned events are also required to be current members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

4. Officers - VRCS Officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President (who shall serve as president whenever or if the President is unable to serve in that capacity), a Treasurer and a VRCS Newsletter Editor. These Officers are considered to be volunteers who serve without pay, but with permissible occasional compensation for VRCS related expenses, if such compensation is unanimously agreed upon by the other current Officers.

5. Executive Council - The Executive Council shall consist of six current members, one each from six regions of the U.S., to be appointed by the President in consultation with the other Officers. The council will be consulted on administrative and organizational matters as needed.

6. Selection of Officers and Term of Officer Service - Officers shall be elected for two-year terms by vote of the general membership. Elections shall be held in November of the odd numbered years.

7. Termination of Membership - This is automatic upon non-payment of current membership dues, or by unanimous agreement by current Officers and Executive Council to terminate an individual membership.

8. Chapters - The organization shall encourage the formation of associated Chapters to help develop vintage R/C activity on a local, regional, and possibly overseas level.

9. Competition - The VRCS shall encourage low intensity competition in the areas closely associated with VRCS roots, i.e. Class I (rudder only), Class II (rudder and elevator) and Class III (rudder, elevator and aileron) in local, regional or overseas events. Concours and Scale should also be encouraged.

10. Dissolution - In the event that, by a majority vote of the membership, it is decided to dissolve this organization all residual funds in the VRCS treasury will be donated to the AMA Museum.

11. General - Amendments to these By-Laws, shall be determined by unanimous agreement of the current officers and Executive Council. Changes to other items require only a 2/3 majority of officers and Executive Members.