The Vintage Radio Control Society




Est. 12/01  

Rev. 4/17

The VRCS By-laws Article 8 states, “The organization shall encourage the formation of associated Chapters to help develop vintage RC activity on a local, regional, and possibly overseas level.”

To this end, the following benefits and responsibilities for VRCS Chapters have been established;

Chapter Benefits:

  1. National recognition through our newsletter, “Vintage Flier” and our Web Site.
  2. Assistance from the organization in conducting reunions or other events.
  3. Access to regional membership information such as member names and mailing addresses.
  4. A voice within the VRCS to suggest new activities and events.
  5. All initial chapter members will receive a VRCS patch and a VRCS decal.
  6. A Chapter Package will be sent to the Chapter Contact and will include;

            - Official Chapter Certificate listing charter members

            - Competition Regulations

            - Decals for charter members

            -  Guidelines for hosting an VRCS event

Chapter Responsibilities:

  1. Submit a Chapter Application to the Membership Chairman containing at least five (5) current members.
  2. Conduct at least one (1) AMA sanctioned event annually.
  3. Provide timely chapter activity news to the “Vintage Flier” editor. This information will be used to update website information. This shall be provided by the chapter contact named on the application.
  4. Pay a one time $25 Chapter Registration Fee upon submission of application.