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  August 3, 4  10th Annual Hal "Pappy" DeBolt In-Memoriam Fly-In  Brockport, NY  Jim Gommenginger  jgommeng@hotmail.com  Confirmed  202402141931130.10th Annual Hal  DeBolt.jpg?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  July 29  Southwest Vintage R/C Festival  Cedar City, UT  Richard Browning  richard3851@juno.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  May 21  Larks Vintage Fly-In  Delphos, OH  Gary Williams  williamsheli@yahoo.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  May 27  Fort Wayne Flying Circuits Fun Fly  Ft. Wayne, IN  Bruce Wallace  wallbh.9613@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  June 17-18  Ohio Waterfront Vintage Gathering  Galena, OH  Jean-Marie Piednoir  piednoir.jm2@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  Aug 19 - 20  Lancaster County Vintage Celebration & Triathlon  Lancaster, PA  Jeff Troy  jefftroy@aol.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  Sept 1 - 2  Northwest Fly In  Medford, OR  Martin Waide  waide40@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  Sept 11 - 12  2023 Muncie Fly In  Muncie, IN  Ron Howard  r33howard@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  September 2  34th Annual Spirit of Selinsgrove Reunion  Owego, NY  Scott Wallace  s.j.wallace13@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  October 14  Fall Vintage Fly In  Salisbury, MD  John Haffner  mooneyjock@outlook.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  October 14  Lee Moore Memorial Build N' Fly  Schertz, TX  George Wilson  southcentral@vintagercsociety.  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  June 24  Classic Pattern Get Together  South El Monte, CA  Bob Fish  akmotov@pacbell.net  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  September 30  Vintage Models Over Valley Forge  Valley Forge PA  Chad Hill  Dentedachiii@gmail.com  Not Confirmed  ?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  May 11  Vintage R/C Society Fun Fly  West Haverstraw, NY  Danny Carozza  aeroplaneart@aol.com  Confirmed  202401281923050.Hudson Valley Vintage.jpg?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 
  June 15  Blast From the Past Vintage Fly In  Youngsville, NC  Herrby Alford  Herrbyalford@gmail.com  Confirmed  202402142000250.blast from the past 2024.jpg?eventsOrder=Sorter_Location&eventsDir=ASC&image= 

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